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The ‘Path to the Underworld’

According to Chinese mythology, souls of the deceased must travel the path to the underworld to face the King of the Underworld who renders judgment for the deeds they committed when alive. The judgment will decide the fate of the deceased — to ascend to Heaven, to be reborn as a human again, to become ...

Armin Auctor

The 'Path to the Underworld'

Traditional Chinese Culture Symbolism: The Phoenix

The phoenix is probably the most iconic mythical bird in human history. Multiple cultures, from the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Chinese, and Arabs, revered the bird. In traditional Chinese culture, the phoenix, referred to as feng huang, was seen as a noble bird that was able to judge the character of human beings and confer blessings ...

Emma Lu

The Chinese phoenix.

Myths and Legends: The Money Tree

In Chinese legends, there is a story about a holy tree that brings fortune and money to the person who owns it. Called the “money tree” (not to be confused with the money plant), it is considered a symbol of nobility. During the time of the Han Dynasty, Chinese people used to keep cast-bronze money ...

Emma Lu

A Chinese money tree.