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What Do Chinese Opera Masks Represent?

Chinese opera masks may be a mystery to outsiders, but to lovers of Chinese opera who are familiar with Chinese arts, one look and they can easily identify the character, and even the role that the character will play in the opera. The secret? Knowing what the colors of Chinese opera masks represent Black The ...

Max Lu

Traditional Chinese opera performance in Sichuan Province, China, with one performer wearing a yellow mask and the other performer wearing a purple one.

The Injustice of Dou E

Dou E Yuan, commonly translated as The Injustice of Dou E, is the masterpiece of Guan Hanqing, a playwright during the Yuan Dynasty (A.D. 1271-1368 ). The full Chinese title of the play is Gan Tiang Dong Di Dou E Yuan, which translates to The Injustice of Dou E That Touched Heaven and Earth. This story ...

Armin Auctor

A judge's gavel and block.