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Popular Chinese Phrases Based on the Character for Tiger: 虎

There are many popular Chinese phrases that are based on the Chinese character for tiger, 虎 (pronounced hǔ). This is a popular symbol among non-Chinese because of the strength of the animal it represents, as well as the beauty of the Chinese character itself. In most cultures, the tiger is a fascinating creature. In Chinese ...

Max Lu

A snarling tiger.

Story Behind the Famous Chinese Phrase: Zengzi Kills the Pig

Zengzi, a Chinese philosopher and student (scholar) of Confucius, was well known and often quoted in connection with one of the most famous Chinese phrases: Zengzi kills the pig. This is a story about teaching children to be honest and trustworthy. One day, Zengzi’s wife was about to go shopping when her little son grabbed ...


Closeup of a large pig in a pasture.