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China Is Preparing Digital Dossiers on Foreigners

Matt Pottinger, the Deputy National Security Adviser to President Donald Trump, recently revealed that Beijing is building a database of millions of foreigners through a digital surveillance campaign by setting up digital dossiers. The communist regime plans to use the database to intimidate, influence, and blackmail foreign nationals to do their bidding. Digital dossiers Pottinger ...

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World map overlaid with one's and zero's and the image of a padlock.

CCP Agent Charged With Spying in the United States (Part 2)

Is working for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) intelligence agencies just like a James Bond movie with guns, travel, adventure, beautiful girls, fast cars, futuristic gadgets, lounging around on the beach, and saving the world from impending doom….? Are all spies like 007? Herein we explore the case of a would-be James Bond nemesis, a ...

Michael Segarty

Former U.S.-based manager for Air China Lin Ying walking out of a federal building with an unidentified woman.

CCP Agents Charged With Spying in the United States (Part 1)

There has been a “mass mobilization” of CCP agents (Chinese Communist Party) outside of China. One such case involves the arrest of Baimadajie Angwang on September 21. Prior to his recent arrest, Angwang was a Tibetan-American police officer in Queens, New York, and a U.S. Army reservist. He is charged with acting as an illegal ...

Michael Segarty

NYPD officer Baimadajie Angwang.