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Why Does My Hair Turn Green From the Swimming Pool?

If you are blonde like me and enjoy laps in a swimming pool, you may have noticed your hair acquires a green tint after frequent swims in chlorinated water. This happens to both bleached and natural blondes. In fact, the green tinge happens to everyone, but it’s less visible on dark hair and those whose ...

Troy Oakes

A person jumping into a swimming pool.

Do You Know Why Your Eyes Go Red After a Swim? It’s Not the Chlorine

This is a story that may just stop you from going for a swim in your local pool. Do you know why your eyes go red and get irritated after swimming in a pool? Well, it turns out you can stop blaming the chlorine. The Water Quality and Health Council and the National Swimming Pool Foundation have teamed ...

Troy Oakes

Three children playing in a swimming pool.