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12 Pieces of Classical Music for Kids

Classical music for kids can inspire, excite, encourage dancing, start an adventure, and act as a soundtrack for running, galloping, or buzzing around the room. You’ll be surprised by how much kids enjoy these classical pieces.  Classical music for kids is great for young children to begin getting familiar with the beauty of classical music. ...

Raven Montmorency

Young Chinese girl playing the piano.

Education in Ancient China: The ‘Three Character Classic’

The Three Character Classic is one of the key traditional texts from Chinese culture that is believed to have been written sometime in the 13th century. The text, with the traditional name San Zi Jing, is also known as the Trimetric Classic. The text focuses on imparting Confucian teaching to children. The ‘Three Character Classic’ ...

Emma Lu

A bamboo spout with water pouring out.

Beauty Matters: Teach Students About Beauty to Lead Them to Virtue

In his new book, Beauty Matters: Creating a High Aesthetic in School Culture, Stephen Turley details the nature of beauty in some of the most precise and definitive terms you will find. In a recent interview, Turley said he plans to incorporate beauty’s characteristics into the classroom. Through his years as a teacher in classical ...

Emma Lu

Stephen Turley lecturing.