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What Do the Different Colors of Mold Mean in Your House?

You may be interested (or possibly horrified) to discover you ingest and inhale thousands of tiny life forms on a daily basis, including mold. The air and surfaces around you are home to multitudes of bacteria, fungi, viruses, mites, algae, mold, and protozoa. Your skin isn’t much better, with a complex ecosystem of organisms called ...

Troy Oakes

Moldy food.

Homemaking Skills 101: What You Need to Learn

Homemaking skills are essential for most people. The problem is that some people learn when it’s too late. Before that happens, discover the critical life skills you need to know for your home. If you’ve never been taught the basic homemaking skills needed to survive, it’s never too late to try. You can learn a ...

Mike West

Learning how to cook.

The Benefits of Using Green Cleaning Products

As the world continues to become more conscious about the environment, the trend of using green cleaning products is growing rapidly. Green cleaning is the practice of using cleaning products and methods that are environmentally friendly. It is an important part of sustainable living and can be used by both businesses and households. Green cleaning ...

Jack Roberts

Eco-friendly green cleaners.