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4 Benefits of Studying Overseas

Studying overseas has many benefits that help you grow professionally and personally. It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that allows students to expand their horizons. In 2021, international students in the U.S. stood at around the 1 million mark, with one-third from China. Recently, an article entitled “My Child, This Is Why We Sent You Abroad” went viral ...

Max Lu


Hu Shih’s Son and His Bitter Choice

Hu Shih, a famous diplomat and educator, had the wisdom to choose freedom and abandon communist ideology. Hu Shih’s son, Hu Sidu, however, was not so lucky. In 1948, the 27-years-old Hu Sidu returned to Beijing from the U.S. In December of that year, due to the failure of the civil war in the north, ...

Armin Auctor