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7 Boundaries That Will Help Sustain Lifelong Relationships

As human beings, we must keep a “bottom line” or set some kind of boundaries or limitations when maintaining honest, safe, respectful, and trustworthy lifelong relationships. Mencius once said: “Without a pair of compasses and a set square, it is hard to draw a perfect circle and a square.” He was alluding to the fact ...

Emma Lu

Cardboard cutouts shaped like people stand on a table with a bright light behind them.

‘Dog Hunt’: A Heart-Warming Short Film About a Lost Dog and Greed

Produced by New Century Pictures, the new short film Dog Hunt is a heart-warming, humorous, and light-hearted comedy pet film. Since its online release on November 12, Dog Hunt has received an overwhelming response. Audiences have been impressed by the storyline and the particular dog “actor,” and they have left many compliments and positive comments. ...

Helen London

Scene from 'Dog Hunt.'