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Professor Wu Ningkun: Conscience of the Chinese Nation (Part 2)

At the beginning of 1951, Wu Ningkun, who was studying in the United States at the time, received a letter of appointment from Lu Zhiwei, the President of Yanjing University, asking him to be a professor of English. At that time, he naively thought: “Giving up a most affluent capitalist career and returning to serve ...

Michael Segarty

The cover of Professor Wu Ningkun's memoir 'A Single Tear.'

Professor Wu Ningkun: Conscience of the Chinese Nation (Part 1)

On August 10, 2019, Professor Wu Ningkun, a renowned Chinese-born translator and Emeritus Professor of English Literature, passed away at his home in the United States. The much-beloved Professor was 99 years old. In 1993, Professor Wu published his memoirs called A Single Tear in the U.S. This autobiographical book about his life in communist ...

Michael Segarty

Two hands meeting in the heavens.