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Meet Ferrisburgh, the Injured Bird That Got New Wings as an Artist

In the heart of Quechee, Vermont, an American kestrel named Ferrisburgh has become the center of attention for art lovers and nature enthusiasts alike. An unexpected wing injury hampered his flying ability, but not his soaring spirit. The bird has become a sensation, leading art classes and showing off his artistic skills at the Vermont ...

Nathan Machoka

Ferrisburgh with one of his paintings.

The Cambodian Legend Behind the Resurgence of Irrawaddy Dolphins

The Mekong River, winding its way through Southeast Asia, is a vital lifeline for several communities and home to a mythical creature in Cambodian folklore — the Irrawaddy dolphin. This Cambodian folklore is among the main reasons the endangered dolphins have bounced back. Before the 1970s, it’s believed that thousands of dolphins thrived in Cambodia’s ...

Nathan Machoka

An Irrawaddy dolphin.

Moriyama’s Genji Fireflies: Saving Japan’s Illuminated Gems

Have you ever been captivated by the enchanting dance of fireflies on a warm summer night? In Japan, these small, luminous insects, known as “genji-botaru” (Nipponoluciola cruciate), or simply “genji,” have fascinated generations with their beautiful glow.  Fireflies have played a significant role in Japanese folklore, art, and culture for hundreds of years, symbolizing the ...

Haidene Go

Fireflies glowing at night.

Riding the Green Wave: Surfers Unite for the Restoration of Native Forests

In recent years, the impact of human activities on the environment has become a growing concern. Many surfers, for instance, have witnessed the decline of native forests and their associated ecosystems. This firsthand observation has created a deep resonance within the surfing community. In response, a grassroots movement has occurred, where surfers are teaming up ...

Viena Abdon

Surfer paddling on his board in the ocean.

Appalachian Apple Hunter Tom Brown Rescues 1,000 ‘Lost’ Apple Varieties

The awareness among people to preserve the environment and wildlife species has shot up, which is quite inspiring. You may have come across NGOs and organizations fighting to save endangered birds and animal species, and people crusading against deforestation, etc. You may think that apple varieties come in just green, golden, and red, and that’s ...

Jack Roberts

Apple varieties on the brink of extinction are being rescued.

Biodiversity: The Key to Happiness

Biodiversity has taken on a new and vital importance in the conscience of humanity. Money has usually been the main driving force behind efforts for achieving an opulent life. If not opulent, at least a fairly well-supported and comfortable life, but money cannot buy the satisfaction a person feels from within. The pandemic of 2020 ...

Jack Roberts

Macaws sitting on a fence.

Bringing Back the Fijian Fishing Tradition of ‘Tabu’

Fijians are reviving their traditional practice of “tabu” in a bid to improve their fishing stocks. “Tabu” is basically an area marked as a “no-fishing zone” and is often demarcated by barnacled pillars that are embedded firmly on the floor of the reefs. Tabu in Fiji In Fiji, coastal areas that belong to a specific ...

Jessica Kneipp

Fijians are bring back the tradition of tabu.

Snow Leopards Of China: The Fine Solitary Hunter

According to estimates, there are only about 4,500 to 7,000 snow leopards left in the wild. China is believed to be home to 60 percent of these exquisite creatures. As such, the country plays an important role in determining whether snow leopards continue to exist in our world or go extinct. Snow leopards in China ...

Armin Auctor

A snow leopard.