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What Is Micellar Water and How Does It Work?

Micellar water, a product found in supermarkets, chemists, and bathroom cabinets around the world, is commonly used to remove makeup. It’s a very effective cleanser, and many people swear by it as part of their skincare routine. So what is micellar water, and why is it so good at getting makeup and sunscreen off? Here’s ...

Troy Oakes

Bottles of micellar water.

Graphene: A Material With Superpowers

Graphene was supposed to allow us to make much stronger bulletproof vests, a filter that would distill seawater into drinkable water, longer-lasting batteries, flexible brain implants, and so on. While all these products are yet to hit the market, graphene has made its way into a surprising market — cosmetics. From face masks to hair ...

Armin Auctor

A sheet of graphene.