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Top 5 Most Expensive Countries in the World

Out of all the things that unite us as human beings, complaining about the rising cost of living has to be at the top of the list. With that in mind, let’s take a look at Ceoworld’s annual survey of the most expensive countries in the world. Another thing that has to be right up there ...

Armin Auctor

A waterway in Berne, Switzerland.

4 Expenses That Eat Away at Your Retirement Savings

Saving as much as you can is critical if you plan on living a comfortable life in retirement. But once retired, the focus should be on minimizing monthly expenses to protect your retirement savings. “If you have expenses early on in retirement, large expenses, then your portfolio balance goes down just as fast as if ...

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A stack of U.S. money.

Australia: Cost of Living Gets More Expensive for Aussies

The prices of computer games, cars, and TVs in Australia are currently cheaper than they were two decades back. This might give the impression that the country’s cost of living is low. But when you calculate the things that citizens spend the most on, the cost of essential items has actually risen quite significantly during the ...

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Houses in Luxembourg.

Mercer Rankings: Asia Tops List of Expensive Cities for Expats

Consulting firm Mercer has released its 2019 Cost of Living City Ranking report that is often used by multinational corporations to determine allowances to expat workers. The 25th edition of the Mercer report ranked 209 destinations across five continents, with Asia claiming 8 of the top 10 spots for most expensive cities in the world. ...

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Hong Kong is the most expensive city.

China Is a Hot Spot of Ground-Level Ozone Pollution

In China, people breathe air thick with the lung-damaging pollutant ozone two to six times more often than people in the United States, Europe, Japan, or South Korea, according to a new assessment. By one metric — total number of days with daily maximum average ozone values (8-hour average) greater than 70 ppb — China ...

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Child Writes of Leaving Hong Kong for More Affordable Housing

Hong Kong’s real estate prices have gone beyond affordable. Even young children are aware of it. A recent post of an elementary school pupil’s journal garnered much attention as the youngster’s dream of buying a cheap but spacious apartment is shared by many adults in Hong Kong. A fifth-grade teacher shared his pupil’s journal on the ...

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