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Honey for Cough Relief: A Traditional Chinese Medicine Perspective

As the colder months approach, bringing with them drier air, there’s a notable rise in respiratory conditions, like viral infections and pneumonia. A common symptom among these is coughing, a distressing and often persistent issue. Traditional Chinese medicine, rooted in centuries of practice and wisdom, suggests a surprisingly simple yet effective cough relief remedy: honey. ...

Mikel Davis

A coughing woman.

3 Fruits to Relieve Your Cough

Many people have a cough in autumn and winter, especially at night, which affects their rest and is very distressing. It is not good for the body to take medicine all the time. Furthermore, it does no good to take an antibiotic if you have a viral infection. In addition, taking an antibiotic that isn’t ...

David Jirard

An older man coughing.

5 Useful Diet Recipes to Help Relieve Coughs

Coughing is a symptom that even doctors feel is worrying and troublesome. We suggest 5 useful diet recipes recommended by traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) to help relieve coughs. There are so many possible reasons and sources of coughs. As the saying goes: “Plumbers are afraid of dealing with leaks, and doctors are afraid of treating ...

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