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‘Eternal Spring’ Movie Receives Rave Reviews

Eternal Spring is a Chinese-language animation documentary directed by Canadian director Jason Loftus and produced by Lofty Sky (Canada) with comic artist Guo Jingxiong (Daxiong). Six years in the making, this Chinese animation film was selected to represent Canada in next year’s Academy Awards for Best International Feature Film. The film centers on Falun Gong’s ...

Emma Lu

'Eternal Spring' animation.

Award-Winning Documentary ‘Eternal Spring’ Premiered in Melbourne, Honored With Top Prize

Canadian filmmaker Jason Loftus’ award-winning animated documentary Eternal Spring recently made its debut in Melbourne, Australia, where it played in packed theaters at the 8th Annual Melbourne Documentary Film Festival. After the initial shows sold out, the festival added encore screenings to its line-up.  Set in the northeastern city of Changchun in China’s Jilin Province, Eternal ...

Trisha Haddock

'Eternal Spring' animation.