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The Unique Flatland Danongdafu Forest Park in Taiwan

Located in the East Rift Valley (花東縱谷) between the Central Range and the Coastal Range in eastern Taiwan, the Danongdafu Forest Park (大農大富森林園區) was the first flatland forest established by the Taiwanese government according to its i-Taiwan 12 Development Projects Plan initiated in 2008. The three flatland forest parks in Taiwan In addition to the ...

Billy Shyu

The Danongdafu Forest Park.

The Mysterious Hidden Beauty of Taiwan’s East Coast

When you experience Taiwan’s east coast, you come to realize that there are few words that aptly describe its splendid beauty. It is one of the hidden gems of “Ilha Formosa” (the name Portuguese sailors gave Taiwan). The eastern edge of the state is gorgeously covered by a wow-inducing landscape that is inhabited by friendly ...

Raven Montmorency

Taiwan's east coast.

Australian Resident Representative Falls in Love With Taiwan

Australian Counselor Gary Cowan took up office in Taiwan in 2018. He loves nature and often participates in various outdoor activities. Gary also said that he likes the country very much for three reasons: its scenery, the food, and its people. According to the United Daily News, Gary Cowan, the representative of the Australian office, ...

Nspirement Staff

Gary Cowan standing in front of a lighthouse.