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Did the Hallucinogenic Drink Chicha Influence Ancient Peruvian Politics?

The art of politics involves particular strategies and skills. For example, some would assert that to gain and maintain political power, one must keep opposing forces in balance — that is, to satisfy human tendencies and at the same time control them, such as punishment and reward, political power, and moral power, and the like. ...

Haidene Go

The hallucinogenic drink chicha.

Little Global Respect for Ruling Chinese Communist Party, Pew Report Finds

Many aspects of traditional Chinese culture are treasured and admired around the world. Art. Cuisine. Philosophy. Architecture. Kung Fu. These are a few examples. Yet there’s no such worldwide esteem for the ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP), no matter how the Party, and its massive propaganda machine, would like it to be otherwise. Recently, the ...

Rory Karsten

An undated photo of a Chinese police officer in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square.

How China Uses Pandas as a Political Tool

In Vox’s video, China’s panda diplomacy, explained, I was surprised to learn how pandas are used as a political tool in China for diplomatic strategies. Most all of the pandas in zoos worldwide belong to China and are just on loan. China started out giving pandas internationally as gifts, much like governments like to give native animals ...

Jessica Kneipp

Switzerland Allowed Chinese Security Agents to ‘Roam Freely, Unsupervised’

Swiss authorities are in damage control after it became public knowledge they had a secret 5-year deal that allowed Chinese security agents to “roam freely, unsupervised” in Switzerland. Human rights NGO Safeguard Defenders has investigated the deal after it became public knowledge thanks to an August 23 report by Swiss German-language newspaper NZZ am Sonntag. ...

Raven Montmorency

passengers in the Bern, Switzerland, railway station.

Senator Penny Wong Speaks for Peace in a Time of Disruption

Senator Penny Wong is Australia’s Opposition Leader in the Senate and Labor’s Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs. This position gives her the opportunity to show her good international citizenship by supporting peace, prosperity, and stability through a commitment to the rules-based international order. Penny Wong lived in Kota Kinabalu, and her family migrated to Australia ...

Trisha Haddock