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Zhao Jiuzhang: The Father of China’s Satellites and His Tragic End

Zhao Jiuzhang, a renowned Chinese meteorologist, geophysicist, and space physicist is hailed as the ‘Father of Chinese Satellites.’ However, in the quiet of the night on October 26, 1968, this internationally acclaimed scientist took his own life at his home in Zhongguancun, Beijing. He was 61. Today, we delve into the life of Zhao Jiuzhang ...

Max Lu

Jhao Jiuzhang and his wife.

Experiences in Shanghai Shatter Zhang Yuxuan’s Chinese Dream (Part 1)

One evening, around 9 o’clock, a young Taiwanese man named Zhang Yuxuan was scrolling through his mobile phone in his rented apartment in Shanghai when suddenly, he heard a crashing bang, and the front door was smashed open. Several public security officers of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) barged in, grabbed a hold of him, ...

Michael Segarty

Zhang Yuxuan, a young Taiwanese man who was persecuted by the Chinese Communist Party.