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Religion and Science’s Take on the Fabric of Reality

There’s a surprising similarity between religions like Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, and modern science. They all suggest that the world we perceive might be rooted in something beyond our regular comprehension. This shared notion bridges the gap between spirituality and science, fueling our curiosity about external creators and the deeper layers of reality. The religious perspective ...

Viena Abdon

An illustration of God`s hands holding the Earth.

Was Albert Einstein an Atheist?

Albert Einstein was a theoretical physicist widely known for his theory of relativity. His ideas considerably changed physics and our understanding of gravity, space, time, and the universe. Besides science, today, people mostly use Einstein’s quotes to make political or religious statements. For decades, atheists and religious people have used his quotes to get their ...

Nathan Machoka

Black and white photo of Albert Einstein.

‘Heaven is for Real’: A Movie Review

Heaven is for Real is a refreshing take on life beyond death, the struggle of a man with his faith, and the great question that most humans ponder: Is Heaven really for real? Most Christian movies set foot on the trappings of a typical Christ-centered story: The character struggles, he prays to God, he finds ...

Armin Auctor

Beaming light through the clouds.