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Why Can’t I Use My Phone or Take Photos on the Airport Tarmac?

Mobile phones are not allowed to be used while on a plane because they can interfere with the airplane’s navigation instruments and cause various safety and social issues. As soon as the plane lands, we’re permitted to turn off flight mode, but at some airports, we can’t get much of a signal. That’s because airports ...

Troy Oakes

Mobile phones are not allowed to be used on the tarmac.

Navigating Technology for Mental Wellbeing

Our phones can be addictive, or at least for some of us. You may find yourself scrolling and scrolling on social media, but is it any good for you? While technology and social media can certainly have a lot of benefits for you and society, they might also take a toll mentally and socially. Social ...

Louis Summers

Three friends sitting on the beach with eyes glued to their smartphones.

Are Young People Growing Horns From Smartphone Use?

Smartphone usage has been found to cause several health issues. But a new study shocked people all around the world by claiming that youngsters are growing horns from increased exposure to smartphones. But it seems as if the study might be misrepresented, and an effort is underway to re-evaluate the results. Growing horns from smartphone ...

Armin Auctor

Two young boys using smartphones.