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Mysterious Giant Stone Jars Found in India

Mysterious giant stone jars that may have been used for burial rituals have been unearthed across four new sites in Assam, India. The discovery comes from a major collaboration involving researchers at The Australian National University (ANU).  The 65 newly discovered giant stone jars vary in shape and decoration, with some tall and cylindrical, and others ...

Troy Oakes

Giant stone jars found in India.

Rare Pictish Symbol Stone Found Near Famous Battle Site

Archaeologists have uncovered a Pictish symbol stone close to the location of one of the most significant carved stone monuments ever uncovered in Scotland. The team from the University of Aberdeen hit upon the 1.7-meter-long stone in a farmer’s field while conducting geophysical surveys to try and build a greater understanding of the important Pictish ...

Troy Oakes

Pictish symbol stonefrom at the Aberlemno site.

Relics of a Lost Civilization: Mysterious Stone Figures in Puerto Rico

A group of figurines discovered in the 19th century is now the subject of deep interest. Researchers in Puerto Rico who studied the stone figures claim that it has carvings of a mystery language that points to a lost civilization. Lost civilization of Puerto Rico In the 1800s, a monk named José Maria Nazario discovered ...

Armin Auctor

A stone figure discovered in Puerto Rico.