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Kung Fu and the Meaning Behind the Symbols

The Chinese martial art of kung fu is thousands of years old. Most people only know a little bit about kung fu, which is likely derived from their exposure to movies. As such, they might not realize that many of the things that kung fu artists perform or say on screen have meaning. This includes ...

Armin Auctor

Two kung fu practitioners.

Keepsakes in a Traditional Chinese Wedding

With a long history of 5,000 years, China’s rich cultural connotations and traditional cultural heritage are embodied in its architecture, literature, painting, calligraphy, arts, and customs. The traditional Chinese wedding also has significant meanings, often characterized by particular marriage keepsakes. Red double happiness The Chinese character “双 喜,”  known as double happiness (pronounced shuāng xǐ ...

Nspirement Staff

A Chinese bride and groom dressed in red.

Ancient Chinese Secret: The 8 Trigrams of Bagua

The 8 trigrams of Bagua (八卦) are a set of ancient symbols with mystical meanings. These symbols pervade Chinese civilization. The eight trigrams have influenced the development of many aspects: martial arts, fortune telling, fengshui, literature, religion, architecture, and philosophy are just some of the areas that are based on or influenced by the eight trigrams. The ...

Raven Montmorency

The eight trigrams of the Chinese Bagua.