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The Ultimate Guide to Dealing With a Fussy Eater

If your child is being picky about eating, take heart: This is normal for toddlers. Toddlers are typically extremely fussy eaters. While infants often gain three times their birth weight throughout their first year, toddlers’ growth rates and appetites tend to decrease.  Food choices are the reason why toddlers often display uneven development. On one ...

Viena Abdon

Toddler wearing a bib makes faces as she refuses to eat.

5 Reasons Why You Should Gift Children With Balance Bikes

Balance bikes aim to teach toddlers the basics of balance when they are in motion. They allow kids to learn about guiding and controlling movements while also estimating distances. There are many reasons why you should consider giving balance bikes to your kids. 5 reasons to give your children balance bikes 1. Introduction to riding ...

Nspirement Staff

A pink balance bike.

Parenting: Why Your Kids Whine

Almost every parent knows that when their kids start to whine, they expect something. But do you know why your children whine when they want something rather than straight-up asking for it? There is an interesting psychological reason for this — your kids whine because they instinctively know that you will respond to their demands ...

Raven Montmorency

Girl whining at a playground.