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Why Investors From China Love Investing in Toronto Real Estate

China has been able to break barriers and experience exponential growth over the past few decades, maintaining its spot as one of the manufacturing and exporting giants in the world. As a result of this boom, many Chinese nationals have become rich and desire to diversify their investment portfolio to keep their money safe. There has ...

Max Lu

Toronto's waterfront.

Step Into the Wonderful World of Dr. Seuss at This Amazing Exhibit

If you have been a fan of Dr. Seuss’s books, you should definitely pay a visit to the Square One shopping mall in Ontario. Inside the mall, spread over 15,000 square feet is a colorful, imaginative place where the popular works of Dr. Seuss have been brought to life. This highly instagrammable place is the ...

Raven Montmorency

The Dr. Seuss exhibition.