foresight, turning weakness into strength

Showing Weakness Is a Kind of Wisdom

We usually believe that the strong will prevail, but actually, those who show their soft side may go further. The action of showing weakness at certain moments is a kind of wisdom and those who do so can win understanding for themselves and avoid embarrassment for all.   1. Showing weakness is not incompetence, but a ...

Helen London

Black basalt stones with an orchid and some bamboo.

A Simple Way to Turn Weaknesses Into Strengths

Both strengths and shortcomings can become weaknesses, but you can also turn weaknesses into strengths. There are many weaknesses in human nature, such as greed, fear, jealousy, laziness, lust, vanity, and superstition. Such weaknesses are exploited by the marketing and advertising world. Whether it’s in business, war, the workplace, or human interaction, if you have insight ...

Tatiana Denning

VW Think Small advertising campaign.