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What Would Happen if China Called In U.S. Debt

As of early 2020, China owned almost US$1.1 trillion in U.S. debt, which makes the country the second-largest buyer of American debt. Even though Japan is the number one buyer, this hasn’t generated any worries since Japan is seen as a friendly nation. In contrast, the communist government of China owning so much U.S. debt ...

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COVID-19 Igniting Debates About People’s Lives Vs. Economy

As the CCP coronavirus outbreak continues to spread, there have been demands that the lockdown across America be revoked and economic activity restarted. Opposing voices argue that such a scenario would worsen the health situation, resulting in more infected people and dead victims. However, the fact that the U.S. economy cannot continue to remain inactive ...

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Inflation: How Bad Will It Get?

As we look ahead for the CCP coronavirus outbreak to sizzle down, economists are already calculating how the several weeks of lockdown and the resulting economic consequences are going to play out in the future. One factor that everyone is concerned about is inflation. Unfortunately, things do not look good in this regard. Inflation and COVID-19 ...

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Economist Roubini: A Big Financial Crisis May Be Coming

Nouriel Roubini is often called “Dr. Doom” because of his knack for predicting big market changes. He is well-known to have red-flagged the housing bubble crisis of 2007/2008 that pushed the global economy to the back foot. And now, Roubini has a new warning. The Economist predicts a big financial crisis in 2020. He believes ...

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Is Quantitative Easing Negatively Affecting Financial Markets?

In the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, the U.S. Federal Reserve embarked on a never-before-seen quantitative easing (QE) program that pumped billions of dollars into the American economy. While this had a positive effect on the markets early on, some experts feel that we might now have to suffer the negative consequences of such ...

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