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My Afternoon in Miraflores, Peru

It was the end of my 10-day Peru trip and I had 6 hours of spare time before my connecting flight to Germany. What to do, I thought? Lima airport has only so much to offer and I had eaten at or drunk at every hip or inviting spot at the airport. My wife, a ...

Hermann Rohr

Cologne Christmas Market

Catch a glimpse of the beautiful atmosphere at the 2019 Neumarkt Christmas market in Cologne, Germany. Cologne has a variety of Christmas markets. The Neumarkt Christmas market is one of them. Thousands of people flock to it every year. Many people even travel there from remote destinations. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest

Hermann Rohr

Woman wearing glasses eating at the Cologne Christmas market.

Is China’s Communist Party in a ‘Secret War’ against the US or the World?

This video is an episode of “American Thought Leaders.” It reflects how the U.S. political standpoint toward China and the Chinese Communist Party has seemingly changed ever since Trump has taken office. China’s secret war against America? Its premise is the possible secret war against the U.S and the “Free World” that China is portraying through ...

Hermann Rohr

Life-Size Holograms Are Set to Revolutionize Video Conferencing

A Queen’s University researcher will soon unveil TeleHuman 2 — the world’s first truly holographic videoconferencing system. TeleHuman2 allows people in different locations to appear before one another in life-size 3D holograms— as if they were in the same room. True 3D holograms Roel Vertegaal, Professor of Human-Computer Interaction at the Queen’s University School of ...

Troy Oakes

Telehuman2 3D hologram of a standing person.