Hermann Rohr

How to Protect Your Privacy While Staying in a Hotel

In recent years, numerous reports have been of criminals installing hidden cameras in hotel rooms to capture private photos for sale.This is a significant invasion of privacy and can leave us vulnerable and violated. So how can we protect ourselves when staying in a hotel? Let’s explore some tips and tricks to safeguard our privacy. ...

Hermann Rohr

A hidden pinhole camera.

LinkedIn Marketing for Real Estate: Embracing Quality Over Quantity

The real estate sector, characterized by its dynamic nature and competitive landscape, has always been reliant on effective marketing strategies. LinkedIn marketing for real estate is one of the most highly searched keywords; however, there is a new trend that businesses need to be aware of when it comes to past practices and the standards ...

Hermann Rohr

The LinkedIn app on a smartphone.

Christmas Greeting from Nspirement (2023)

As 2023 draws close, we reflect on a year marked by global challenges and transformations. The world has faced a pandemic, conflicts, and environmental crises, yet we’ve also seen the rise of artificial intelligence, fueling creativity and innovation and raising concerns. Embracing unity and tradition Despite our busy lives, Christmas stands as a unifying beacon. ...

Hermann Rohr

Christmas cookies cut in shapes of stars and a christmas tree.

Discover the Magic of Christmas in Hong Kong: A Holiday Like No Other

Christmas in Hong Kong (HK) is an enchanting experience that anyone fond of intercultural experiences should make a priority at least once. In the bustling city of Hong Kong, Christmas is a spectacle of joy and lights. This unique blend of traditional festivities and modern celebrations makes it an event that’s not just a holiday, ...

Hermann Rohr

Christmas in Hong Kong brings out a mesmerizing collection of decorations in the Admiralty Shopping Mall - A bunch of red-headed mushrooms with a cute brown bear laying on top of a mushroom.

How Virtue Can Bless Future Generations of a Family

A lasting legacy is defined by two things, it’s historic impact and the moral virtue it represents. Humans are forgetful in nature, and in a process of constant self discovery. Legacies are like memories that remind us of our perils, our potentials and of our highest ideals.  Introduction to the lasting legacy of Fan Zhongyan ...

Hermann Rohr

A feng shui compass on a red background, symbolizing the power of harmony with nature and qi.

Biquette Products Redefine New York’s Textile Industry

The textile industry is constantly changing and evolving, and the appeal of handmade goods is undeniable, especially when they are locally made. Biquette, based in Long Island, New York, stands out in the textile industry by combining artistry with sustainable production. At NY NOW’s Summer Wholesale Event, Biquette made a splash with its wedding and ...

Hermann Rohr

A Biquette blanket.

The Acupuncture of the Song Dynasty

Medical acupuncture seems to be the unnoticed sibling of modern medicine. Despite modern misconceptions that view traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) as slower than modern medicine in treating illnesses, ancient Chinese medical texts are filled with instances where diseases were cured swiftly. Many complex and stubborn illnesses, unresponsive to medications, were healed instantly through acupuncture. Modern ...

Hermann Rohr

Silver needles for traditional Chinese acupuncture medicine on a wooden table.

5 Tips to Take Care of Your Eyes and Help Improve Myopia

Myopia, or nearsightedness, is a common vision problem affecting millions of people worldwide. It occurs when the eye cannot focus light correctly, resulting in blurry vision when looking at distant objects. Myopia is usually caused by the eyeball being too long, or the cornea being too curved. Genetic and environmental factors, such as prolonged use ...

Hermann Rohr

A woman's eye.