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Keeping Employees Engaged During a Video Conference

With many businesses asking their employees to work from home, they are depending on video conferences to keep in touch with the workers and evaluate their performance. For some, sitting in front of a computer rather than having a meeting face to face might seem too impersonal. Here are a few tips to ensure that ...

Raven Montmorency

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Zoom Security Risk Still Looming

After video conferencing app Zoom’s security flaws were exposed in a recent report by Citizen Lab, all eyes have been on the company. The fact that Zoom has servers in China from where encryption keys are sent to users all around the world raises the possibility that Beijing might be able to snoop into video ...

Armin Auctor

The Zoom app.

Video Conferencing Service Zoom a Security Risk, Say Analysts

Zoom is a popular video conferencing app that is used by numerous businesses for conducting online meetings and group discussions. One of the features highlighted by the app is its support for end-to-end encryption for video calls. However, a recent report by watchdog Citizen Lab claims that the company not only holds on to the ...

Armin Auctor

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Why You Should Be Using ‘Skype for Business’

Every business requires effective communication tools to carry on their business operations smoothly. Although there are numerous tools available in the market, one solution that most enterprises seem to prefer is Skype for Business. And as a business owner, you should consider making the service a part of your operations. Reduce business expenditures with Skype ...

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