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10 Foods to Help Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

There’s an increase in the number of people who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, 10 percent of people 65 years of age in the United States have Alzheimer’s disease. That number is projected to double in 20 years, and that is an alarming statistic. The risk of you or someone you ...

David Jirard

The omega-9 oils in walnuts make them a great brain food.

10 Tips for Summer Health

Summer is now upon us and maintaining summer health is important. How can you live through the hot summer months amid the epidemic that is still going strong? Avoiding crowded places is important. You also need to enhance your immunity. Eating in accord with nature is the rule to follow. Nevertheless, the hot weather can ...

David Jirard

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10 Ways to Keep Your Nails Beautiful Naturally

The first impression often is the strongest and while a smile does matter, nails also play a vital role in creating a strong and positive impact. Whether you go to a nail salon for a manicure and pedicure or simply stay satisfied with thoroughly scrubbing your hands and nails with a loofah, caring for them ...

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A women's long nails with red polish.

Are You Eating These Readily Available Nutrients for Your Immune System?

As the CCP coronavirus continues to spread, it’s very important to boost your immunity, as physical health and immunity are closely related. High-quality nutrition can keep your immune system healthy. The best foods to boost immunity are all around you, easily available, and cheap. Some simple diet strategies to help you boost your immune system ...

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