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How to Motivate and Engage Your Volunteer Team

Volunteering isn’t just about filling in the gaps — it’s about creating a tapestry of compassion and care. Organizations, especially the smaller ones with limited resources, heavily rely on the power of such selfless people to achieve their goals.  Volunteering has an incredible ability to transform people. It builds bridges between diverse backgrounds, allowing them ...

Viena Abdon

A group of volunteers.

Handmade Crafts and the Compassion of the Loose Ends Project

Handmade crafts are one of the most thoughtful methods to demonstrate affection. As a crafter, it is a beautiful talent meant to be shared. This is where the Loose ends Project comes in. There are instances when many artisans work on several projects at once, leaving incomplete ones behind in case unforeseen events occur. Some examples ...

Viena Abdon

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8 Simple Activities That Teach Kids an Act of Kindness

When it comes to raising kind kids, it’s not about lecturing them on what they should and shouldn’t do. Kindness is a state of being that needs to be nurtured and cultivated. And the best way to do that is by getting your children involved in fun activities that teach them to perform an act ...

Emma Lu

Smiling redheaded boy playing with an alphabet puzzle.

How to Be an Awesome Pet Foster Parent

It is commonplace to see people adopting pets of varying types, most notably the winged or furry ones. However, people need more than love for animals or birds in order to become pet foster parents. The pet shelters require foster parents to meet certain conditions. This can be easier to understand when you consider what ...

Raven Montmorency

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An Indian Australian’s Impression of Taiwan

Reena Augustine is an Indian Australian citizen who moved to Australia from western India’s Gurjarat in 2009. She is the founder and director of Red Carpet Functions, an organization aspiring to celebrate the diversity of Brisbane’s communities and emphasizing the appreciation of its diverse cultures. Invited by Changhua Parent Union Advisory Council (彰化縣各級學校家長會聯合會, CPUAC) in ...

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