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‘A Family Tour’: Film About Chinese Exiles Has Online Premiere 

A Family Tour is a film co-produced by the Taiwan Public Television Service and Chinese director-in-exile Ying Liang. The story is semi-autobiographical, holding rather closely to the experiences of Ying Liang and his own family wandering in a foreign country, and the film was made to show the preciousness of freedom on film. The film ...

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A scene from 'A Family Tour' where mother and daughter meeting together in Taiwan.

‘A Family Tour’: A Film About Exile Experiences

in the film A Family Tour, exiled Chinese director Ying Liang has refined his life experiences . At the premiere in Taiwan on the evening of November 4, Ying Liang said that he has been in a state of spiritual exile for many years. “I have been drifting away from China,” he said. The film uses ...

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