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The Chimei Museum in Tainan, Taiwan

Forbes magazine described the Chimei Museum in 1996 as “one of the world’s most surprising art collections.” This remarkable institution is renowned for its extensive collection of Western art, musical instruments, weaponry, and natural history. The museum offers a unique cultural experience, blending art, history, and nature in a captivating setting.  Watch the following video ...

Billy Shyu

The Chimei Museum in Tainan, Taiwan

A Young Yo-Yo Ma: The Child Prodigy Who Played to the World

In 1962, a young Yo-Yo Ma played the cello for President J. F. Kennedy at the age of just 7 years old. It was his first public performance on stage. Who knew that the young Yo-Yo Ma would go on to become a famous musician and a cultural figurehead in the coming years? The Kennedy ...

Emma Lu

A young Yo-Yo Ma playing the cello