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Youth in the Pandemic World: Physically Strong, but Psychologically Vulnerable

Except for China, most nations of the world have relaxed pandemic restrictions; however, the landscape of a post-pandemic world is still far from perfect. The disparity between the pre-pandemic and post-pandemic worlds is significant because the painful narratives and what they had left behind will likely take a lifetime before being forgotten.  While older people ...

Haidene Go

Young man wearing a COVID facemask.

Here’s Why It Is Important to Acknowledge Adolescents’ Perspectives

Across very different cultures — Ghana and the United States — when parents acknowledge adolescents’ perspectives and encourage them to express themselves, the youths have a stronger sense of self-worth, intrinsic motivation, and engagement, and also have less depression. Yet having the latitude to make decisions appears to function differently in the two cultures, with ...

Troy Oakes

Why Crime Affects a Youth’s Academic Performance

A new study has found that violent crime changes youths’ sleep patterns the night immediately following the crime, and changes patterns of the stress hormone cortisol the following day. Both may then disrupt academic performance in students. Almost 1.2 million violent crimes — homicide, sexual assault, assault, and robbery — were committed in the United ...

Troy Oakes