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Unifying Africa: Dissolving Colonial Borders for a United Africa

Like many other continents, Africa has its own experience of being under colonial rule. These colonial borders have significantly impacted Africa’s political, social, and economic landscape.  As the world moves forward, growing discussion regarding dissolving African colonial borders arises. This is rooted in the desire for a unified and harmonious Africa.  However, this is not ...

Viena Abdon


Zhao Jiuzhang: The Father of China’s Satellites and His Tragic End

Zhao Jiuzhang, a renowned Chinese meteorologist, geophysicist, and space physicist is hailed as the ‘Father of Chinese Satellites.’ However, in the quiet of the night on October 26, 1968, this internationally acclaimed scientist took his own life at his home in Zhongguancun, Beijing. He was 61. Today, we delve into the life of Zhao Jiuzhang ...

Max Lu

Jhao Jiuzhang and his wife.

The Clever Use of Chinese Characters in History

Traditional Chinese is made up of characters that are like building blocks. However, a simple inversion of these characters can drastically change their meanings and implications, which can be crucial in some special situations. Turning the tide in battle by changing the Chinese characters Zeng Guofan, a famous general in the Qing Dynasty (1636-1912), led ...

Mikel Davis

Chinese characters written by different calligraphers on pieces of bamboo.

The Inside Scoop on Evergrande: Looted and Devoured by Parasites (Part 2)

According to public information statistics, from Evergrande’s listing in 2009 up to before the crisis unfolded in 2020, Xu Jiayin’s nominal share alone amounted to 44.7 billion Yuan (US$6.27B). According to media reports at home and abroad, by 2023, Xu Jiayin will receive more than 50 billion Yuan in dividends (US$7.01B). A veteran observer in ...

Michael Segarty

China Evergrande's fall on the stock market.

Roots of a Founding Father: The Early Life of George Washington

George Washington, renowned as the first President of the United States, had his beginnings in a prosperous plantation family in Virginia in February 1732. His life, characterized by personal loss, enduring resilience, and steadfast moral integrity, offers a timeless narrative that resonates with people of all ages. This journey through the early life of George ...

Max Lu

George Washington statue erected outside The National Gallery.

Genghis Khan Built the Mongol Empire by Recruiting Talented People

Talented individuals are the backbone and cornerstone of a career and are closely related to the rise and fall of a country. Genghis Khan, the founder of the Yuan Dynasty, not only had a glorious military record in history, but later generations have also praised his approach to talent. He was skilled at identifying and ...

Emma Lu

Genghis Khan.

Guiding Integrity: The Upright and Honest Advisors of Ancient China

In ancient China’s history, wisdom and integrity were paramount virtues. Rulers often sought counsel when faced with perplexing matters, including unsettling dreams and omens. Those endowed with good character, like Yan Zi and Gongsun Sheng, diligently fulfilled their duties, prioritizing their responsibilities over personal gain or safety. Yan Zi’s wise counsel and integrity Duke Jing ...

Mikel Davis

Illustration of a man dressed in the robes of an ancient Chinese official.

The Secret to Longevity: A Look Into the Oldest Company in the World (Part 2)

The journey of the Kongō Gumi, a company with over a millennium of history, has been anything but smooth. In 1868, during the first year of the Meiji era, Emperor Meiji implemented the “Shinto and Buddhism Separation Order,” leading to the destruction of many Buddhist temples. This policy stripped the Four Heavenly Kings of their ...

Max Lu

A black and white photo of Kongō Gumi employees from 1930.

The Secret to Longevity: A Look Into the Oldest Company in the World (Part 1)

A report published by the Tokyo Business Research Company reveals the key to longevity for Japanese enterprises: integrity and staying private. Among the many centuries-old businesses, the oldest is Kongō Gumi, a temple construction company established during the Asuka period now boasting a history of 1,440 years. Longevity secrets unveiled The Japan Imperial Database surveyed ...

Max Lu

Shitennoji Temple in Osaka, Japan.