Denmark’s Langeland and Lolland Islands Are Worth Exploring

The village of Nysted on the Danish Baltic Sea island of Lolland.
The village of Nysted with its church on the Danish Baltic Sea island of Lolland. (Image: Eyewave via Dreamstime)

If you want a break from the chaos of popular tourist spots in Denmark, head to the serene islands of Lolland and Langeland. The serenity and beauty of these Baltic Sea islands are enticing. Exploring these islands is not difficult, as they can easily be traversed by bicycle, and most local people speak and understand English.

Lolland island is in the Baltic Sea. It is separated from southern Zealand by the Smålandsfarvandet Sound. Lolland has an area of 480 square miles (1,243 square km). The fourth-largest of Denmark’s islands, its irregular coastline is broken by the Sakskøbing and Nakskov fjords.

Map of Denmark.
A map of Denmark. (Image: via Public Domain)

Exploring Lolland

As you explore Lolland, you cannot help observing the island is relatively flat. The country roads are lovely and serene, and you can explore them by bicycle. Lolland’s largest city, Nakskov, is a beautiful old merchant town where you see merchant yards and renovated houses.

In central Lolland, you find the merchant town of Maribo. It is connected to Nakskov with a rail link. The cultural heritage museum and open-air museum are worth visiting. In the nearby village of Halsted, there is an ancient church. Like most Danish churches, this one is simple, but elegant. You will find exquisite wood carving along with some lovely paintings. 

Nysted is southern Lolland is quite beautiful and has lovely 18th-century town architecture. While there, you can also visit Aalholm Slot, Denmark’s oldest castle. The forest located northeast of the city is also worth exploring. If you are a bird lover, head to Albuen, where you will see the picturesque lighthouse.

Where to eat and drink in Lolland

If you get tired of exploring these areas and feel like gorging on sumptuous foods, head to some of the popular eateries. In Nakskov, an eatery named Fjorden is located near the beach. Also, check out places like Klaus and Kristinas Spisehus. In Maribo, you can check out Bangs for some local cuisine.

Those exploring Lolland usually try Danish beer. Maribo has a local brewery, and the range is impressive. At Krenkerup castle, you can enjoy Krenekerup Rauchbier, a German-inspired beer laden with smoked malt. The Krenkerup beers are also offered in restaurants throughout Lolland.

Lighthouse on Langeland Island.
A lighthouse at the southern tip of the Danish island of Langeland. (Image: Bernd54 via Dreamstime)

Serene Langeland

The smaller island of Langeland is between Funen and Lolland islands. Langeland is perfect for enjoying a quiet day away from the chaotic urban landscape in Denmark. The word Langeland denotes a long country, and this 60-kilometer-long island is serene. Its natural bounty and rich cultural heritage are mesmerizing.

Langeland’s castle of Tranekær has been a royal residence since 1231 (rebuilt in 1550), and its principal town, Rudkøbing, was chartered in 1287. The undulating, well-wooded land has fertile clay loams that support grain, and cattle and pigs are raised by local farmers. 

In Langeland, most tourists hike or explore the island by bicycle. However, to experience the charm of organic farms and traditional manor houses, you must head to the Skovsgaard Manor. Fortress Langeland’s Cold War Museum is your destination if you want to learn more about the region’s recent history.

The Exmoor variety of wild horses can be frequently seen on the island’s beaches. They roam and gallop in groups and are majestic as they traverse the coastline.

Those interested in green energy will love to know that Langeland’s energy is generated by harnessing wind power. The residents are also keen on keeping the island green and clean. The annual Langelandsfestival is held in July, but the island does not feel overly crowded and chaotic even then.

Langeland has many activities for tourists visiting with children, such as cultural festivals, fishing festivals, and summer concerts.

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