Is Marriage Coincidental or a Predestined Arrangement?

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Marriage is often perceived as a simple twist of fate, but it might actually be determined by a deeper predestined arrangement. (Image: George Mayer via Dreamstime)

In today’s world, many believe that choosing a life partner boils down to mere chance or random encounters. But is marriage truly the result of a simple twist of fate? Or could there be a predestined arrangement at work?

The DNA connection

To explore this idea, researchers at the University of Colorado at Boulder conducted an intriguing study. They randomly selected 800 couples for the study and then chose 800 unrelated individuals of the opposite sex, who weren’t in any romantic or conjugal relationship, to serve as a reference group.

After testing and analyzing the genes of both groups, to the researchers’ surprise, the results showed that the genetic similarity between the couples was higher than the genetic similarity between the strangers. That is, as is often said, if a couple looks alike, they have a higher probability of being married.

But with billions of people in the world, how do people find that other half whose genes mirror theirs? Is it sheer randomness that a special someone becomes our lifelong companion, or is there a factor beyond human comprehension at play?

Is marriage truly the result of a simple twist of fate? Or could there be a predestined arrangement at work?
With billions of people in the world, how do people find that someone special whose genes mirror theirs? (Image: Alexander Ozerov via Dreamstime)

Fantastic encounters

In 2010, Donna Voutsinas, a 25-year-old American woman, and her husband, Alex Voutsinas, from Canada, met in the workplace, fell in love, and then married and raised a beautiful family. In the eyes of others, their marriage is the perfect model of a happy international couple who just happened to meet. But was it all really happenstance? A childhood photo tells a different story. 

One day, as Alex was looking through his wife’s childhood photos, he was suddenly taken aback. There, in the same photo, he was amazed to see himself and his father. Could it be that this marriage was actually predestined?

At the time when the photo was taken, Donna was only 5 years old. In the photo, she and her two younger brothers are posing with a cartoon character during their trip to Disneyland in Florida. Incredibly, in the background of the photo, Alex’s father is seen pushing a child’s stroller in which Alex sat.

“It’s amazing that I’m in the same picture with my future wife when I was just a toddler,” Alex shared. 

Donna added: “I never dreamed my future husband would be in this picture, which is just so cool. I believe our union was truly meant to be. It’s an unbelievable coincidence, and I’m still amazed by it.”

The fact that Donna and Alex crossed paths in their childhood, and that they are even from different countries, shows that their marriage was more than just a mere coincidence.

While many people may be amazed to hear such a marvelous story, they still may think that it’s nothing more than a coincidence. However, for some scholars who study reincarnation and past life regression, life’s so-called chance encounters are, in fact, destiny at work, and this karmic connection extends beyond just this lifetime.

Coincidence or karmic connection?

Certified Master Hypnotherapist Dr. Michael Newton specializes in past life regression to alleviate current life ailments. He describes a space, much like a library. After a person has passed away, he goes to this library-like space to study his “Book of Life,” which is a type of visual record of his life while he was in the world.

Open book sitting on a wooden surface with a magical light coming out of it, placed in front of a bookshelf filled with other books.
After a person has passed away, he goes to a library-like space to study his ‘Book of Life.’ (Image: Neirfy via Dreamstime)

He also goes before a committee of several elders to review and analyze his life that has just passed, where they also make arrangements for the next life. In fact, this understanding closely parallels Eastern cultures, where people’s lives are judged by Yama, the king of the underworld, after death.

While souls in the spiritual world might deeply regret transgressions from their previous lives, they neither try to justify their actions nor escape responsibility. Instead, they voluntarily choose to repay their karmic debts in the next life. Sometimes people even voluntarily choose a difficult life so that they can raise their spiritual level faster. 

Unexpectedly, it seems that Western hypnosis has found common ground with the Eastern doctrine of reincarnation.

Addressing the question of how souls find their destined partners amid a vast population, Dr. Newton has provided us with an answer. He states that people who’ve passed away go to a “Circle of Fate” to observe and experience some important pieces of their next life before they reincarnate. This knowledge helps them pick the right karmic connections in the next lifetime.

Clues from a life preview lead a man to his wife

Before entering his next life, one man was given several key signals to remember that would lead him to his future wife, Melinda. These signals included the distinctive sound of Melinda’s laughter, the scent of her perfume the first time they danced, and, of course, the allure of her beautiful eyes. Melinda, on her part, was instructed to take note of her future husband’s prominent ears, his clumsy dance steps that would invariably lead him to step on her foot, and the feeling they would share during their dance together.

When this life began, the man lived in Iowa and Melinda lived in California. While in high school, the man came close to marrying his high school sweetheart. Yet, fate had its own plans. His family moved to California, and he and his girlfriend broke up. Being new to California and not knowing anyone, one day he suddenly had the idea to go to the prom out of the blue, and it was at that very prom that he and Melinda fell in love at first sight. 

During hypnosis, the man recalled that it was the Elder of the Spirit World who acted as a matchmaker, and put the idea of going to the prom into his head. This allowed him to meet Melinda without any problems. 

It seems that what many consider to be coincidences are things that are truly meant to be and owe to a predestined connection.

Translated by Audrey Wang

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