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The Dark Vibe of the Beijing Winter Olympics

The Beijing Winter Olympics begins on Feb. 4. It’s probably the most controversial Olympics since, well, the last time the Olympics were held in the same city, back in 2008 with the Summer Games. Back then, the Games’ supporters — and many of those making money in China — said the 2008 event would help ...

Rory Karsten

Policeman at China's Winter Olympics.

Report Exposes the Cultural Genocide of Uyghur Society in China

A recent report by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) has revealed the extent to which the Chinese regime is erasing the cultural identity of the Uyghur minority population in Xinjiang, which is cultural genocide. The aim of Beijing is to homogenize Uighurs into the country’s Han Chinese majority, even if that means erasing their ...

Nspirement Staff

Uyghur minority praying.

Communist China Forcing 500,000 Tibetans Into Labor Camps

A new report by German anthropologist Dr. Adrian Zenz has revealed that almost half a million Tibetans are being forced into labor camps by the communist Chinese government. The report was prepared under the sponsorship of a group of global MP’s who are urging world governments to take a tougher stance against China’s human rights ...

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Labor camp barracks.

Human Rights Groups Urge IOC to Block China From Hosting Olympics

Several human rights groups have written a joint letter to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) asking them to block China from hosting the 2022 Winter Olympics due to the country’s gross human rights violations. Beijing is looking forward to hosting the event as a way to showcase to the world how technologically advanced and socially ...

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Olympic rings