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Why Japan’s Healthcare System Ranks Among the Best Globally

Japan’s healthcare system has consistently ranked among the top globally for many years. This success is worth emulating by other countries. In this article, we will explore the key reasons behind Japan’s healthcare excellence, focusing on its universal health insurance, quality of service, separation of medical and pharmaceutical services, and response to aging and declining ...

Max Lu

Japan's healthcare.

The Changing Landscape of Elderly Care: Switzerland’s ‘Time Bank’

Everyone grows old, but how can the elderly age with grace without becoming a burden to their children? Traditionally, Chinese people believed in the concept of “raising children to care for oneself in old age.” However, this might not be practical anymore. As we see a trend toward fewer children in families, many young couples ...

Max Lu

Elderly couple embracing as they look out over a lake.

220 Million Chinese Are Single

In the past, Chinese people appreciated the traditional family concept of having children and enjoying the happiness of a family reunion. Because of the increasing number of single people in today’s society, along with the rapid growth of an aging population and a dropping birth rate, Chinese society is gradually moving away from the traditional ...

Helen London

Young Chinese woman with a skateboard.

Doom and Gloom: CCP’s One-Child Policy and Its After-Effects

In 1979, the Chinese Communist Party introduced its one-child policy, prohibiting people from having a second child. The policy is believed to have arrested the population growth of the country and eventually contributed to economic prosperity. Though it was abandoned in 2015 in favor of a two-child policy, the forced and unnatural population adjustment seems ...

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Two Chinese girls playing.