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Roots of a Founding Father: The Early Life of George Washington

George Washington, renowned as the first President of the United States, had his beginnings in a prosperous plantation family in Virginia in February 1732. His life, characterized by personal loss, enduring resilience, and steadfast moral integrity, offers a timeless narrative that resonates with people of all ages. This journey through the early life of George ...

Max Lu

George Washington statue erected outside The National Gallery.

General George Washington and the Cruel Winter at Valley Forge (Part 2)

In the face of the terrible suffering of his barefoot troops, General George Washington would often leave the camp alone, riding his white horse into the dense forest at Valley Forge. With the winter snow bitingly cold and the wind pelting snowflakes against his face, he would stop at a solitary place to pray. Washington ...

Michael Segarty

General George Washington at Valley Forge.

General George Washington and the Cruel Winter at Valley Forge (Part 1)

The winter in the Valley Forge woods was the darkest hour during the War of Independence fought between the British and the original 13 British colonies in America. The most significant battle of the war, however, was fought not against the British on the battlefield, but against the cruel winter of 1777-78 itself. General George ...

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Painting of Washington and Lafayette at Valley Forge.

History’s 5 Most Significant Events

History is often determined by a few significant events that change the nature of existing social structures and introduce certain reformations. The present world we live in is the direct result of a few such events that have occurred in the past six centuries. 1. The printing press Around 1439, a German blacksmith named Johannes ...

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The printing press.