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Hong Kong Has Dropped to the Bottom of the Press Freedom Rankings

According to a survey of 1,004 Cantonese-speaking adults conducted by the Hong Kong Public Opinion Research Institute (HKPORI), satisfaction with the performance of the news media, in general, has reached an all-time low. Satisfaction with press freedom in has dropped by 23 percentage points, its lowest position since records began.  Only 28 percent of respondents ...

Haidene Go

A man sitting outside reading a newspaper in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong’s Pro-Democracy Newspaper Apple Daily Is Forced to Close

Hong Kong’s largest pro-democracy newspaper Apple Daily has announced its closure, which is seen as a blow to press freedom under the pressure of Beijing. The publication, which was a leading critic of the Hong Kong and Chinese leadership, decided to shut down after being accused of breaching the National Security Law, leading to a ...

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The Apple Daily newspaper.

With Injustice to Jimmy Lai, Communist China Looks to Retaliate Against the West

The founder of Next Digital, Jimmy Lai, was detained again by the Hong Kong government and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Albert Ho, former chairman of the Hong Kong Democratic Party, wrote an article titled Jimmy Lai’s Predicament and Hong Kong’s Road Ahead. In his article, Ho criticized the Attorney General’s endless abuse of the ...

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The cover of Hong Kong newspaper, Apple Daily, showing Jimmy Lai's arrest.

Business Executive Accuses Hong Kong Government of Destroying Free Market

The Hong Kong police recently arrested 15 people for manipulating the stock price of Next Digital, the publisher of tabloid-style newspaper Apple Daily. Last month, authorities arrested the owner of Apple Daily, Jimmy Lai, under the newly implemented National Security Law. Killing Hong Kong’s economy Among the arrested were 14 men and one woman. According ...

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Jimmy Lai Tearfully Thanks the People of Hong Kong for Their Support

Founder  Jimmy Lai of the newspaper Apple Daily, launched a live broadcast on Twitter to share his feelings about his arrest and interacted with netizens. After being released on the morning of August 13, Jimmy Lai participated in the live broadcast together with guests Mark Clifford, the former editor-in-chief of the South China Morning Post; ...

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Jimmy Lai.

The Arrest of Jimmy Lai Spurs Defiance

On August 10, the Hong Kong police launched a large-scale raid and arrested 10 people, including the founder of media group Next Digital, Jimmy Lai, his two sons, several executives of Next Digital, and Zhou Ting, a former member of an opposition group. They were suspected of violating Hong Kong’s National Security Law. The police ...

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Jimmy Lai wearing a face mask.

Press Freedom Threatened as Jimmy Lai Arrested by Hong Kong Police

On August 10, the Hong Kong police arrested seven people, including Jimmy Lai, founder of Apple Daily, a Hong Kong tabloid-style newspaper. It is part of Next Digital, the parent company. Along with Jimmy Lai, his two sons and four senior officials of Next Digital were also arrested under the new Hong Kong National Security ...

Michael Segarty

Jimmy Lai wearing a face mask.