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Belgium: A Bio-Espionage Target of China

Spies from China targeted biological warfare and vaccine experts from Belgium according to reports by the country’s security agencies. The reports, dated between 2010 and 2016, were just recently accessed by the media outlet EUobserver. Bio-espionage in Belgium The intelligence reports were aimed at alerting authorities about the military, medical, and scientific threats Belgium was ...

Jack Roberts

A lab worker.

An Awesome Bull (Part 2)

The change to the bull’s prisoner-of-war status made General von Bock very angry. He sent his German Shepherd dog to kill him. When the dog saw him, he became very aggressive and attacked him ferociously. The bull slammed itself into the barbed wire dragging the snarling dog with it and the sharp iron spikes tore ...

Helen London

A German Shepherd.

An Awesome Bull (Part 1)

In 1940, the Germans invaded Belgium and quickly occupied much of the country. When the German garrison commander, Major Krupp, took office. He received an order from General von Bock, the chief of Army Group B, to kill a bull named Knight. Major Krupp was puzzled. Why did the general hate a bull so much? ...

Helen London

Knight was a military bull.

Qian Xiuling Saves Lives in Belgium During the Second World War

Qian Xiuling (1912-2008), was born in a family of prominence in China. In 1929, she left for Europe to study in Belgium at the Catholic University of Leuven and obtained a Ph.D. degree in chemistry. While a student there, she met Grégoire de Perlinghi, a Belgian doctor. In 1933, they got married and moved to ...

Nspirement Staff

Bruges, the City of Canals in Belgium

I always thought of Venice as the pinnacle of canal cities, which in some way it might be. However, there is a dreamy town call Bruges, in Belgium known not only as the capital of West Flanders, but also as the “Venice of the North.” I took it on myself to explore this mysterious place ...

Hermann Rohr