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Chinese Entrepreneur Feng Zhenguo and His Wife Escape to Canada

Why would the successful entrepreneur Feng Zhenguo, who established and ran a successful furniture factory in China, escape with his wife to Canada? What drove them to abscond from China? Feng Zhenguo created and ran a profitable furniture factory in China’s Hebei Province. He became well known and was sought after for his excellent craftsmanship. ...

Emma Lu

A photo of Feng Zhenguo and his family.

In China, Doing a Good Deed Can Lead to Misery

“The Farmer and the Snake” is one of Aesop’s Fables, which contains many lessons and great wisdom. As this story goes, on a chilly winter’s night a farmer found a frozen snake along the roadside. The man took pity on the snake and put it on his chest to warm it up. When the snake ...

Tatiana Denning

Wood engraving from 'The farmer and the snake.'