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Blockchain App Development: What Coding Language Do You Need to Know?

Blockchains? NFTs? Dapps? What coding language do you need to know to get involved in these fields? The blockchain is fast-paced and rapidly expanding; with it, so is the demand for coding languages that can build on it. These programming languages are specially designed to help developers interact with them. When learning a programming language, ...

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The Future of Banking Looks Like This

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the digitization of banking. Even people who never used to access online banking services are now getting accustomed to it since this is the only way to manage one’s banking account in the current scenario. So how will technology change the way we bank in the future? Some indications of ...

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Internet banking.

How Blockchain Technology Will Shape the Future

According to Gartner, one of the leading research companies in the world, blockchain technology is poised to create about US$3.1 trillion worth of business value by 2030. Blockchain will essentially be so widely used that it will become an integral technological necessity for running society efficiently. Here are five ways the blockchain will likely affect humanity’s ...

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Bitcoin using blockchain.

AI and Blockchain Combine Forces to Change the World

According to estimates, the blockchain market will be worth around US$23 billion by 2023 while the business value created by artificial intelligence (AI) will be nearly US$3.9 trillion in 2022. Both technologies are positioned to be the future drivers of human societies. However, it is the combination of both that will bring about huge changes in how ...

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AI and blockchain.

Graduates With Finance and Tech Skills Are in High Demand

As the finance industry adapts to the latest technologies, the need for graduates with just financial knowledge is decreasing. Companies now want people who are well-versed in both finance and tech skills. In demand According to market research firm Opimas, almost 400,000 jobs in the finance industry will shift to AI by the year 2030. ...

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Blockchain Promises to Solve the Problem of the Blood Diamond Trade

The trade in blood diamonds, also known as conflict diamonds, has continued unabated for several decades despite producers, manufacturers, and governments implementing several steps to resolve it. Now, blockchain technology is offering a solution to end the problem. Blood diamonds and the Kimberley Process The UN defines blood diamonds as those that “originate from areas ...

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Blockchain tracking blood diamonds.

Blockchain Helps Chinese Netizens Bypass Censorship

Internet users in China have, for a long time, been blocked from fully expressing opinions and sharing their favorite content due to a strict censorship system implemented by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). But thanks to blockchain technology, Chinese Internet users have currently found a way to overcome Beijing’s censorship. Blockchain and censorship Blockchain refers ...

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Blockchain and the Internet.

DARPA Now Exploring Blockchain for Military Applications

The U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is apparently interested in using blockchain technology for military applications. If successful, this could usher in a massive change in the way the American military secures its communication network and assets. Military networks To understand why blockchain technology is important for the military, consider the example of ...

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How DARPA is using blockchain.

Why Blockchain Is the Future of Artificial Intelligence

For most of its history, artificial intelligence (AI) development was restricted to big tech companies like IBM and Google. As a consequence, artificial intelligence was restricted to the computational power of a few servers. But blockchain technologies promise to eliminate such restrictions by providing a decentralized network of computers. Blockchain and AI “AI’s compiling, rendering, ...

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