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What’s Your Body Language Revealing

Sometimes, consciously or unconsciously, you have passed a message without opening your mouth. This doesn’t mean you passed it by writing, text messaging, or sign language, but with body language.  What is body language? Body language is a nonverbal communication method that uses physical expressions rather than word of mouth. Whether you know it or ...

Nathan Machoka

Body language.

Talk Less and Listen More: 5 Tips to Improve Your Listening Skills

While conversational skills are necessary to ensure success in life, there is one communication skill that is equally important yet not valued as much — listening. It is important to improve your listening skills. 5 tips to boost your listening skills 1. Remain silent When listening to others, make sure that you remain silent. Do ...

Armin Auctor

Barack Obama listening to the Dalai Lama.

How to ‘Speak’ Chinese With Your Body

As far as a Western person visiting China is concerned, a basic knowledge of Chinese body language is necessary to ensure that you understand the gestures people make and do not end up insulting anyone.  Communication is not just about words. The way people move their heads, the gestures they make with their hands, how ...

Emma Lu

A Chinese woman with a smile holding flowers.