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Elon Musk: Brain Implants That Enable Telepathic Communication

Thanks to Elon Musk and his startup company Neuralink, we might just be able to experience brain Implants that promise telepathic communication within the next couple of years.   Brain implants and neural telepathy   Established in 2016 as a medical research company, Neuralink is reportedly developing a brain-machine interface that can enable human beings ...

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Telepathy between brains.

No, the Neuralink May Not Solve Brain Diseases as Elon Musk Hopes

Last month, entrepreneur Elon Musk suggested that his Neuralink project, which will act as a man-machine interface, will be able to treat brain diseases. But Randy Bruno, a neuroscientist from Columbia University, believes that such hopes might be misplaced. Treating the brain Musk revealed the potential medical application for Neuralink during an interview with the ...

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The Neuralink Project.

DARPA Develops New Technique to Boost Memory Power

One of the main endeavors of experiments aimed at improving human performance has been to increase the memory power of the brain. And thanks to the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), we are one step closer to a technology that will significantly boost our memory. The memory zap When a person goes to ...

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Artificial intelligence.