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The Price of Zhao’s Immorality: A Tale of Justice Beyond the Grave

In the shadows of our world, where the pursuit of wealth often eclipses moral compasses, the chilling tale of Zhao unfolds — one that serves as a stark reminder that sometimes, the harshest punishments are not meted out by courts, but by life itself. The unforgiving nature of greed In a small town, a mine ...

Max Lu

The dark clouds of a supercell thunderstaorm.

Opening Pandora’s Box: Lessons on Curiosity, Consequence, and Hope

You’ve probably heard of the idiom “to open a Pandora’s box.” It means doing something that brings unforeseen consequences or causes many problems that didn’t exist before. According to Greek mythology, Pandora was the first woman created by the Greek gods to punish humans. But why would the gods want to punish humanity?  Why was ...

Nathan Machoka

Pandora's box.

The Wisdom of Young Emperor Sun Liang: A Tale From the Three Kingdoms Era

Over 1700 years ago, during the Three Kingdoms era, a tale unfolded surrounding the 10-year-old emperor of the Wu Kingdom, Sun Liang. Sun Liang was the youngest son of Sun Quan, the founding emperor of Wu. From a very young age, Sun Liang showcased extraordinary intelligence. By the age of three or four, he began ...

Max Lu

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