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Master Ye Qisun Begging on the Street in His Later Years (Part 1)

Around 1970, many people saw an old man hunched over and wearing tattered clothes on the street in the northwest part of Beijing. Sometimes, he would buy two small apples from a store and nibble on them as he walked. When he met a student he knew, he would say: “If you have money, spare ...

Mikel Davis

Black and white image of Chinese physicist and academician Ye Qisun.

A Courageous Story of 3 Australians Who Stood Up for Falun Gong

Protest at Heaven’s Gate is a short documentary that recounts the struggles of three Australians who, along with seven of their compatriots, traveled to China in 2002. They wanted to support persecuted Falun Gong (also known as  Falun Dafa) practitioners that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) were torturing in detention centers and labor camps. Just ...

Max Lu

'Protest at Heaven's Gate.'