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2 Coronavirus Citizen Journalists Disappear in China

As Chinese authorities struggle to contain the COVID-19 coronavirus, they’re also working to silence the growing number of critics of the government’s crisis plans. Censors have been erasing critical social media sites. At least two outspoken citizen journalists have disappeared. Chen Qiushi and Fang Bin are among those whose whereabouts are unknown. The two citizen ...

Helen London

Chinese journalist Fang Bin.

Coronavirus Update: Deadliest Day Yet as China Slowly Returns to Work

One hundred and three people died from the coronavirus on February 10, a new daily record since the new coronavirus was first detected in December, as the death toll rose to 1,011, said China’s National Health Commission. That new total surpasses the toll from the SARS epidemic of 2002-03, according to official data. The SARS ...

Armin Auctor

Hospitalized coronavirus patients.