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The ‘Heavenly Rule’ Is More Accurate Than Fortune Telling

Why do so many people die at a young age these days? Why do some people meet with misfortune just when it seems everything is going so well for them? Many people seek money, power, and fame but these things are not easily found or kept. The reason is the heavenly rule: blessings are bestowed on the virtuous. There was a ...

Emma Lu

Back view portrait of a satisfied woman raising arms and watching the sky sitting on the grass.

8 Intangible Sources of Wealth in a Person’s Life

In life, there are myriad intangible sources of wealth and blessings. It is really a matter of realizing that we have so many sources of wealth and learning where to find them. Many of them are very obvious. For the many others, identifying them may take a little effort on our part, but it will ...

Michael Segarty

A stone castle in Fenghuang.